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Interactive sports platform that allows users to make live, in-game picks, with winners receiving exclusive, authorized NFTs

ReBlock was responsible for creating Shotcaller, an engaging and innovative sports platform designed to enhance the fan experience by allowing users to make live, in-game sports picks. Our goal was to develop a captivating solution that rewards winners with exclusive Shotcaller authorized NFTs, which can be validated and redeemed at participating vendor locations.

To achieve this, our team focused on building an immersive and user-friendly platform that would seamlessly integrate live sports data and in-game pick functionality. We designed an intuitive interface that allowed users to easily participate and track their progress during live games.

In addition to the core platform, we also implemented a robust NFT infrastructure to securely mint, distribute, validate, and redeem the exclusive Shotcaller NFTs. Leveraging our expertise in NFTs and blockchain technology, we ensured the entire process was secure, efficient, and seamless for both users and partner vendors.

By developing Shotcaller, ReBlock has created an exciting new way for sports fans to interact with live games while offering tangible rewards through the use of NFTs. This innovative platform showcases our commitment to driving progress and creativity in the rapidly evolving worlds of sports entertainment and blockchain technology.

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